Leadership & Governance

As a charity operating in 20 countries, Movember complies with a range of regulatory and governance obligations. We take these responsibilities very seriously and are committed to best practice levels of transparency, accountability and governance.

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Leadership and governance structure

Movember is governed by a Board of Directors, who delegate part of their work to specialised committees to ensure that the organisation holds itself to the highest standards.

Movember Board of Directors

The Board's role is to ensure that the Movember maintains the highest standards of performance, governance, accountability, transparency and cost to fundraising ratios. The Board annually reviews the performance of the CEO and the Executive Director of Programmes. Our Board is skills-based, with members each bringing a wide range of expertise and experience.

In keeping with Movember’s focus on minimising administrative costs, all Board members are unpaid for their directorships. The below mentioned Board Members also constitute (in the same composition) the Board of Movember Europe.

Simon Traynor
Interim Executive Director
Paul Villanti
Executive Director, Programmes
Andrew Gibbins
Non-Executive Director
Prof. Colleen Nelson
Non-Executive Director
Nick Reece
Non-Executive Director
Katherine Howard
Non-executive Director
Kellie Johnston
Non-executive Director

Global Leadership Team

Responsible for executing the strategies set by the Board of Directors, the Global Leadership Team ensure relevant, transparent and accountable outcomes in line with the Movember Foundation’s vision.

Juliette Smith
Interim Chief Marketing Officer
Elaine Farrelly
Chief Operations Officer
Paul Villanti
Executive Director, Programs
Charlotte Webb
Chief Fundraising & Development Officer
Stuart Read
Acting General Counsel

Global Scientific Committee

Oversees the implementation of the Movember’s Global Action Plan and provides strategic thought leadership and advice on prostate and testicular cancer research.

Global Men's Health Advisory Committee

Oversees the implementation of the Movember’s Global Men’s Health Strategy. Informs the prioritisation of our men’s health investment opportunities through:

  • Strategic thought leadership on opportunities and gaps in the field of men’s health and wellbeing
  • Establishing working groups to draw on country-specific or local expertise
  • Assisting in the design of, and participating in, global activities to share the learning outcomes of our men’s health project
Judy Y. Chu
Affiliated Faculty member, Program in Human Biology, Stanford University

Don McCreary
Men’s Health Consultant and owner, DRM Scientific Consulting
Steven Cummins
Professor of Population Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Nancy Rhodes
Assistant Professor, School of Communication, Ohio State University
Jon Willis
Research Director, University of Queensland Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, University of Queensland
Peter Norman Levesque
President at the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization, Ottawa.
Daphne Watkins
Associate Professor and Director of the YBMen Project, University of Michigan.
Kathryn Page
Psychologist and Mental Health and Workplace Mental Health Advocate, Deloitte Consulting, Melbourne.

Global Prostate Cancer Outcomes Committee

Provides strategic thought leadership, oversight, review and advice on prostate cancer survivorship solutions, projects and interventions.

Finance and Audit Committee

Ensures the reliability and integrity of information prepared for the Board of Directors, the integrity of internal controls, and the effectiveness of the external audit function.

Remuneration Committee

Sets the organisational remuneration policy, including reviewing and setting the remuneration of the CEO, Executive Director of Programs, and key leaders.