14 October 2022


Never been a Movember Captain? We’ve got your back. Check out our tips below.


You’ve heard the drill. Bosses say it. Coaches shout it. “We’re better together.” The thing is, it’s true. A team makes a bigger impact. And that means more much-needed funds and awareness for men’s health.
Click ‘Join or start a team’ on your Mo Space to start connecting with like-minded Mos.
Never been a Movember Captain? We’ve got your back. Check out our tips below.


Every team needs a Captain. A legendary Movember supporter. Chief motivator. Champion recruiter. One who leads by example. Here are a few ideas to get Mo recruits on board.
Offer a signup incentive – it could be a small gift, a thank you card, or an invite to an end of Movember party.
Share your story – Tell your potential teammates about your reasons for getting involved. It could be in memory of a loved one, it could be to raise vital funds for prostate cancer research, it could be just for fun. Every motivation matters and can inspire others to follow in your footsteps.
Build the Competition – Who will grow the best and worst Mos? Who will raise the most? Who will rack up the most steps or swim the most lengths? However you choose to make a difference this Movember, a bit of friendly competition can tempt anyone into the fray.
Buddy up – Ask your current team mates to recruit one friend to the team and double up the size of your posse in no time.


Been there, done that? Re-forming your previous team is easy. The contact details for those members will be on your Mo Space. Just log on to ‘my account’ then click on the ‘team’ tab.
We can’t always contact all your team members directly to ask them to come back on board, so please let them know we’d love to have them back!


As a Captain, it’s smart to recruit a Co-Captain. A Chewbacca to your Han. A Sonny to your Cher.
Choose an ally who can help you stay on the ball. One who can help you keep the group motivated. Most importantly, choose a Co-Captain whose contacts can be tapped up for potential team members and donors.


OK, so you’ve started recruiting, but how do you maximise your fundraising potential? Here are a few ways to get everyone fundraising.

  1. Encourage everyone to donate to themselves. This is a great way to show your donors that you mean business, by leading by example.
  2. Offer an incentive to get off the £0 mark. Buy your team mates a coffee or offer a prize to the highest fundraiser
  3. Encourage your team mates to download the new Movember app packed full of shareable assets and resources to make fundraising a breeze.
  4. Organise a team event to fundraiser together, such as a quiz night or team fitness challenge


For next-level competitiveness, you can see how you rate against teams from your country or from around the world. The leader boards show the Mo-gress of the top teams and individuals. If you aren’t already in a team, you can ask to join one here.
Ready to build your dream team and change the face of men’s health?

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