Christian Schmaus
11  year  Mo Bro

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Target: 1.500 €
raised 19.789 € since 2011
My motivation
Fundraising for cause areas including:
Men's health

For the 11th year, I'm raising funds to tackle some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer and poor mental health. Covid-19 and distancing measures are quite impacting social life bringing especially challenges in relation to mental health. Hence, we need to stay connected and engaged!

How I'm
getting involved
Every Mo’ Counts
Team captain Christian Schmaus
0 € Team funds raised
0 of 60 kilometres
I'm moving 60km this Movember for the 60 men we lose each hour of every day.
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25 Week(s) Ago

25 Week(s) Ago

What a journey this year... starting with the invisible Mo' to finally a visible one. Many thanks for your tolerance and support!!

26 Week(s) Ago

Hi there,
the next work-out session is now available! Check it out and stay safe and healthy!
Cheers, ChrisMo

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27 Week(s) Ago
I worked out 01:30:00

Work-out with the mates

27 Week(s) Ago

Nachträglich herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag :)

Wow, uber €1.250 gesammelt! Im Namen Movember möchte ich mich für deine Spendensammlung herzlich bedanken: du bist ein legendärer Mo!

Ohne Mos wie du würden wir unsere Projekte für längere, glücklichere und gesündere Leben nicht unterstützen können.

Nochmal vielen Dank – und viel Erfolg und viel Spaß beim Movembern

Liebe Grüße,
Huseyin, Fundraising Operations @ Mo HQ

27 Week(s) Ago

27 Week(s) Ago

Half time, also the right time to thank you all for your support!! Really appreciated.
Keep up spreading the word on men's health and stay safe!!
As a teaser, the next work-out video is about to be shot...

28 Week(s) Ago

29 Week(s) Ago

The Every Mo' Counts team proudly presents the self-proclaimed "Movember Athletics Club".
Please follow us and the exercises on the link below to increase your fitness and health...and maybe even Mo' growth :-) !
Any feedback and donations are welcome!

29 Week(s) Ago

This year, I seem to cultivate an invisible Mo'...

29 Week(s) Ago
I worked out 01:00:00

Some workout done to start Movember. A brief workout suggestion for the week will be published in due course! Stay tuned.

29 Week(s) Ago

Hi there, finally it is Movember again! Join in by growing a Mo' or getting active with a Mo' (ve). Every Mo' Counts! Follow us for some activities and events throughout Movember! Thanks for your support!

78 Week(s) Ago
I ran 7 km00:43:00

78 Week(s) Ago
I ran 8 km00:51:00

79 Week(s) Ago
I ran 9 km00:56:00

80 Week(s) Ago
I ran 6 km00:36:00

80 Week(s) Ago
I ran 7 km00:44:00

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