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Funded projects
Men's Health Partners
We work closely with our global men's health partners to ensure collaboration, transparency and accountability for every project we fund. We monitor this through report cards which detail what we seek to achieve, key measures and the impact.
Prostate Cancer
"Together with the brightest minds in research, we aim to achieve significant breakthroughs in the hope of beating prostate cancer. Our disruptive funding approach identifies revolutionary ways to accelerate health outcomes by creating strong, global collaborative teams." Dr. Colleen Nelson, Global Scientific Chair.
Men's Health
"One Mo can help change the face of men’s health through the powerful conversations created globally during Movember. Men have the chance to confidently discuss men’s health with people around them, resulting in men taking action early, helping change and save lives." Paul Villanti, Executive Director, Programmes
Mental health and suicide prevention
“The number of men taking their own lives around the world is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Movember is working to ensure all men and boys look after their mental health and are comfortable to seek help when they’re struggling.”
Brendan Maher, Global Director, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.
Testicular Cancer
“Despite being the 2nd most common cancer in young men, testicular cancer is often a forgotten cancer due to early detection and treatment. Our projects look at underinvested areas such as improving access to healthcare services and treatment options for relapse” Paul Villanti, Executive Director, Programmes.

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Social Connections Challenge

Movember Funding to Date

Global Funding AUD 1,152,323

What we seek to achieve

Our ambition is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of a targeted population of motorcyclists through the cultivation of new, innovative ideas leading to creative solutions that strengthen social connections and improve life satisfaction and wellbeing. Of specific focus are men in their middle years who are experiencing life challenges and young men who are in need of mentorship.

United Kingdom
The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride
Implemented by
Project start date
June 2020
Project Status
In Progress

About the project

The program follows a trajectory of cultivating new, innovative ideas that are carried through development and testing to understand what works for men, in which context(s) and why. Through the DGR Social Connections Challenge, we are looking to stimulate thinking that generates innovative ideas across five participating countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, US). It is expected that ideas will leverage the camaraderie and shoulder-to-shoulder connections and relationships that already exist among motorcycle riders to develop and pilot innovative programs that will increase levels of social connectivity, life satisfaction and mental wellbeing of riders and their immediate social networks that support them.
The initiative will operate in two phases:

  • Phase 1 will see a maximum of 25 development grants, valued at up to AUD $7,500, awarded internationally for project development which will involve the design and development of a plan to pilot their ideas.
  • Phase 2 will follow the development period and will see 10 teams receiving a maximum of AUD $75,000 to test their idea in a real world setting over a 12 month period to see if it works. A third party evaluation team has been engaged to evaluate the projects at an individual and programmatic level.

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